Electric Monkey

Electric Monkey has been four years in the making and is now opening its doors! The idea and inspiration for Electric Monkey was to create a place where musicians could meet and share their interests, we didn't want 'just a recording studio' but a place in which creativity and interaction could take place. From this understanding we decided to build five production/practice rooms and an inviting chillout/kitchen area where people can relax and get together. The Recording Studio and all the production rooms have been acoustically designed by Jaap Vlaamimg. Which are currently rented by Grandmono (Caro Emerald), Stefan Schmidt (Zuco 103), Paul Willemsen (krisBerry,Beansandfatback) and Wende Snijders. The goal when designing the Studio was to create a spacious authentic recording studio were music can breath. The studio mixes vintage equipment with modern technology, creating a unique sound that can only be found at Electric Monkey Recording Studio.

Recording studio

Electric Monkey's live room is 90m2 with 5m high ceilings, designed for musicians alike to enjoy its creative environment. The 30m2 Control Room has panoramic views over the Live Room, and houses vintage equipment that has been collected over many years. This includes a 28ch Cadac 1976 Mixing Console (originally from the Cinefox Studio's where the last spaghetti westerns were recorded by Ennio Morricone) verry warm and punchy pre-amps. Combined whit a 70's Philips console and lots of oher 60's and 70's toys.(WSW,Siemens,Neve,EMT,Telefunken,Neumann,RCA) i also have a collection of microphones dating from the 30's till the present day.

Equipment List


  • Cadac 1976 28ch console (great sounding pre-amps)
  • Philips LDC25 fuly discreet 1970's 18ch console

Mic pre’s

  • Cadac 28x
  • 18 x Philips preamps
  • 6 xWSW tube pre-amp
  • 1xWSW germanium pre-amp
  • Neve 1053 (1st transistor pre-amp eq)
  • Siemesn V78 tube pre-amp
  • Strasser tube pre-amp


  • Cadac discreet compressor 2x
  • Girardin L101(1176)
  • Philips bus comp 4x
  • Neumann BK4 2x


  • Telefunken CMV3 met m7 en m9 capsule
  • Neumann KM54 3x
  • Neumann KM56 1x
  • Telefunken 221A
  • Telefunken U67
  • RCA BX44
  • AEA44 2x
  • Beyer m130
  • Beyer m61
  • AKG d12
  • Coles-4038 2x
  • STC -4033
  • STC-4035
  • Philips 2x
  • AKG D19 2x
  • Senheizer 421
  • And more…


  • Emt 140 stereo tube Platereverb
  • Emt 240 Goldfoil Platereverb
  • TheGreatBritishSping reverb
  • TheFisherSpacexpander
  • Tapco4400 springreverb
  • Fostex Spingreverb
  • Tascam Springreverb
  • Rolandspace Echo 201
  • Telefunken M5 (nos mod) tube Delay
  • Yamaha E1010 2x
  • Memoryman


  • Klangfilm Tube EQ 2x
  • Ling Tube EQ
  • Leonard inductor Tube eq stereo
  • Tube Filter mono
  • Tube filter stereo
  • ProTools 8 HD3 met 2x Lynx aurora 16 AD/DA converter


Electric Monkey Recording studio
Asterweg 3A
1031 HL Amsterdam
E-mail: info@electricmonkey.nl
Tel: 0614264907